About Us



Our mission is to provide beautifully engineered, affordable, artistic and functional furniture. Enjoy our new take on efficient, space saving, artistic and affordable living, where you are our priority!
About us



Gibson Living produces famous designer and household quality furniture at affordable prices. These timeless and unique pieces are the inspiration behind our company. These artistically engineered, developed and produced pieces are our one true hobby and love. These statement pieces are much more than just furniture. They have become pieces of art, self-expression, love and devotion, which Gibson Living produces as accurately as most current designers.


At Gibson Living, we focus our production on the top 1,000 design classics, with a broad spectrum of materials, colors and flavor for individual choices. Delivering to more than 20 countries, our handmade, custom-built pieces undergo strict quality control and inspection during and after production. Only the highest standard of materials and fabrics are used for the creation of these iconic designs. We are confident you will fall in love with our handcrafted pieces; Gibson Living provides all of its products with a one-year warranty guarantee. We ensure all our products are structurally stable, safe and functionally sound. We pay extra attention to every detail in the production process. Our most important stamp of approval and quality assurance are the more than 100,000 happy customers worldwide. Our customers allowed us to develop, expand and efficiently streamline our business position. Your satisfaction is VERY IMPORTANT to us, help us help you and you will never be disappointed!



Our passion for design has driven us through obstacles, dead-ends and our determination to succeed drove us to never falter at the site of hardship. The energy each one of our team members and staff bring to the office, provides a beautiful, vibrant, new and creative environment. We are always redeveloping the curve; we are devoted to new, creative and indifferent techniques to help us stay ahead of the designer furniture world. We are always curious, we brainstorm a lot and we gossip a little. We try to always be in tune with our customers and surrounding environment changes. We are based out of New York City and we thrive on one another’s cultural uniqueness and perspective. We respect the professional work ethic each of our team members bring to the table; we strive on customer satisfaction, creativity and redevelopment of customer norms.


Two motivated guys created this business with a sincere passion for design, iconic furniture pieces and art. One day, sitting together at home in 2008, they wanted to add more unique pieces to their homes but they were not able to get the pieces they liked, and the few pieces offered by niche sellers, were sold at outrageous prices. They decided to create one place customers can go to purchase such great collections for their homes. They wanted to create a place where they and others could view and buy all the famous furniture classics at fair prices. This was the start of their production. This was the start of Gibson Living!



It is our commitment to make every Gibson Living customer happy with our products and services. We promise to make every individual shopping experience worthwhile. We also promise we are human – we are not an automated email replying machine. We care and we’ll do the best we can to serve our loyal customers. We will strive to be better than the day before. We want to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction for Gibson Living products all over the world.


We want to see Gibson Living constantly expanding, growing with love and loyalty of our customers worldwide. Our vision takes us to new markets, new products and new materials. We are determined to always provide superior product quality, a great online shopping experience and fantastic client service. We want to be recognized and we want to be outstanding in your eyes! That is why we give our employees an exceptional working environment, where they can create, build and develop future products and products for the success of Gibson Living. We stand for customer satisfaction, efficiency, accuracy, modern artistic image and creativity. We hope to see you back, with the biggest smile and the best experience.